Even though copper alloys feature unique anticorrosion, tightness and wear characteristics rendering them essential for certain applications, very few foundries today have the necessary know-how to process these types of materials.

Casting allows to produce parts that would be impossible to obtain by machining and to provide high precision parts ready to be machined.

The craftwork required for processing this material requires specific skills and many years of experience. More than 80 parameters must be complied with and managed for the design of the part, the tools, producing the mould and manufacturing the part!

Which is why HAVARD protects and maintains this unique know-how.


The HAVARD foundry produces many different original models of road studs for pedestrian crossings and road markings.
We provide a comprehensive range of services, including design and manufacturing, for basic studs, round or square, and more complex items, engraved with the city or community’s coat of arms.


The HAVARD FOUNDRY also offers a full range of anti-slip road studs, which will improve safety for bikes and pedestrians. They are designed for pedestrian crossings, cycling paths and all types of roads. 
Our anti-slip road studs are available in different dimensions and are installed as easily as standard road studs.
The technical instructions can be downloaded below.


Download the technical data sheet for Road studs Diameter 100mm

Download the technical data sheet for Road studs Diameter 120mm

Download the technical data sheet for Road studs Diameter 150mm